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Oct. 11th, 2013

Name The TV Show & The Actor

Below is an image from one of my favorite TV shows. This show ran from 1980-1988 and was a show very similar to Miami Vice. This was a show about a private investigator living in Oahu, Hawaii. Name the TV Show and also the actor that played in this show.


Oct. 10th, 2013

T-Shirt Fads

In the '80s everything was vibrant and colorful and "excessive" was the word to describe most of the fashion fads. Below I will be talking about most of the T-Shirt styles that were worn proudly in this decade.

Half Shirts/Cropped Shirts:

Worn mostly by jocks, these shirts were very popular. These shirts were also worn at the beach. Girls also wore this fashion trend during the '80s as well. Madonna was seen wearing this fashion a lot during this time period, and this fashion could be seen in different movies, such as what Johnny Depp wore in Nightmare On Elm Street. Today, girls can still be seen wearing this fashion but you would most likely do a double take if you caught a guy wearing this style. Below is Madonna wearing this style and also Johnny Depp sporting this style in Nightmare On Elm Street.


Message T-Shirts:

T-Shirts supporting your cause were very big in this era as well. Wham! supported their cause by wearing "Choose Life" shirts in their music video for "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go", which targeted drug abuse and suicide. Frankie Goes To Hollywood also followed this trend by producing "Frankie Say..." shirts to promote their albums and their music. I went to one of my favorite clothing stores recently and found a crop t-shirt that resembles Frankie Goes To Hollywood's t-shirt style, just short of the "Frankie Say..." part and HAD to buy it. Below are pictures of Wham! sporting their t-shirts, Frankie Goes to Hollywood sporting theirs as well, and me sporting my shirt.


Airbrushed T-Shirts:

When I was a kid, in one of my favorite malls, they had an airbrushing kiosk. I remember going with my sister in law Jeanine and she would buy shirts with her and my brothers name on it. They were very colorful and pretty shirts and soon, the style became so popular, that airbrushing was used on pretty much everything, ranging from license plates to cars to human skin for tattoos. Below is an example of what these shirts looked like.


Pastel Color Shirts:

The popular television show Miami Vice definitely started this trend all over the USA. Pastel muscle tees were worn by guys all over and the pastel shirt/white jacket combo was seen in huge popularity as well. I even remember my father wearing pastel colored shirts and my brother as well. Below is a picture of Sonny Crockett and Rico Tubbs from the show Miami Vice sporting the clothing that started the whole trend.


Well, that's all for this blog. Hope you guys enjoyed! :) Until next time!

McDonalds Haloween Buckets

Who remembers these? I think I still have mine somewhere. The white ones glowed in the dark from what I remember and if my memory is correct, I think the happy meals came in the buckets. I also used to trick or treat with these as a kid and use them for Halloween decorations around my old house when I used to decorate with my mom as a kid. Do you guys still have yours? What are some of your memories of these buckets? Post below!


Oct. 9th, 2013

Halloween Video Picks

A Halloween video pick blog wouldn't be complete without the Thriller video by Michael Jackson. I remember being obsessed with this video and the "Making Of.." video. I had the video on Beta when I was a kid and would dance along to it and sing along, watching it for hrs. I was obsessed with MJ's music and had everything MJ related. And nowadays, its a tradition for me to play this song every Halloween. Below is one of MJ's greats:

Another song that I loved around Halloween-time was Rockwell's "Somebody's Watching Me" (with Michael Jackson doing the chorus). Rockwell plays a paranoid man who is seeing strange things and constantly feels like hes being watched. This video is creepy, weird, and funny all at the same time. Give it a watch:

Castlevania (1987)


Since Halloween is right around the corner, I figured I would talk about one of my favorite spooky NES games. The first installment on the Castlevania series for the NES came out in 1987 and was an instant favorite of mine. This was a platform game consisting of 6 levels. As the player, you control the character Simon Belmont, who is a vampire hunter, traveling to Dracula's castle "Castlevania". His primary weapon was his whip, which could be extended after getting special items throughout the game. Sub-weapons can also be collected on all the game levels. Also, by breaking candlesticks and other items, Simon is able to collect hearts, which is his ammunition for his weapons. At the end of each level, you must fight a boss, which varied from bats, all the way to Dracula. The main boss's were my favorite part, not only because they were a challenge to kill, but also because of how they were taken from actual literature and legend. This game would have me playing for hrs upon hrs. I remember one night being stuck for an hr on one level and I finally beat the boss and then my game froze. I was so frustrated that I screamed at the TV and threw my sweaty game controller across the room. It was seriously like the end of the world for me, haha. Needless to say, the next day I just played it all the way through and then finally beat it. My family and I would also have game night and my dad and I would play this game and the two other games in the NES series, which were Simons Quest and Dracula's Curse. We also played Castlevania Bloodlines on the Sega Genesis. But nothing captured my attention more than the original. I still play this game today and love it just the same. Below I have enclosed a video of the gameplay of the game and also links where this game can be downloaded onto your computer. If you're up to it and think you can handle this game, give it a shot, you won't be disappointed. :)

Castlevania ROM:


Castlevania Emulator:


Oct. 8th, 2013

1989 Batman Batcave Playset

1989 batcave

For today's blog, I chose to do a toy that I had as a child and couldn't get enough of. I  received the Batman Batcave from my parents as a birthday gift when I was 8 years old. I was a huge Batman fan then and still am one. Outside of the Ninja Turtles, Batman was #1 to me. When I received the Batcave I was ecstatic. My cousin Joe and I would spend hrs upon hrs playing with the set and having battles with the Joker and all of the other guys. I remember making Batman climb the wall while I would knock down his guys. I remember we would have battles too to see who could get up the wall and knock over the Joker fastest. I had pretty much everything imaginable with Batman on it and the Batcave was a great addition to my collection. What are some of your memories of the Batcave? Share below!

I couldn't find the commercial for the Batcave but here are some other commercials of Batman toys that were out during this year. I had mostly all of them. Which ones did you guys have?

Oct. 7th, 2013

Star Search

Star Search was a show that started in 1983 and ran until 2004 and was hosted by the late Ed McMahon. This was a show that I watched constantly when I was a kid and I also wanted to audition for this show. I would sing and dance in front of my parents and grandparents after watching and would tape every episode. I wonder what happened to all my VHS tapes of the show. It would be nice to have those today. This show was a talent show and was a lot like today's American Idol, only 200 times better in my opinion. This show gave many young people their first real big break in show business. In each category, two people would compete, a champion and a challenger. All acts were judged by a panel of four judges, each judge can award an act from one to four stars. In order for the performer to get into the next round of shows, they would have to win several shows in a row. On the championship show, winners of Male Vocalist, Female Vocalist, Vocal Group, Comedy, and Dance, are awarded $100,000 but no record contract was guaranteed, unlike American Idol. This show was fantastic for its time and even after its time. Below are some of my favorite performances that ran on the show. Enjoy!:

Henry & Taylor Vs. Personality Plus:

Eddie & Lisa:

4 Boys & A Babe:

May. 4th, 2013

Name The Band

This is one of my favorite bands from the '80s and I still love them. Can you guess who they are?:


My Favorite Cartoons Of The '80s

As a child of the '80s, we had a wide range to choose from in terms of what cartoons we could watch. I had tons of favorites, but below were my absolute faves. Add your memories to the comments section and tell me what your favorite cartoons were!:

Rainbow Brite:
Rainbow Brite was a cartoon I would watch over and over. I had dolls and coloring books and bedsheets and everything imaginable of this cartoon.
The premise of the show was Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids fight to protect the world's color from the evil Murky Dismal and his inept sidekick, Lurky. Rainbow Brites real name was Wisp. She also has a talking horse named Starlight in the show. As a child I wanted a horse like hers, haha. The color sprites mine color crystals, which Rainbow uses to add color to the world. Twink is the head sprite who often accompanies Rainbow on her adventures.

He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe:
This show can still be seen on Quibo and is shown at 12AM. I still watch this show to this day. This show has tons of sexual innuendos as I am now finding out. Its hilarious to watch now and to see what we didn't see as kids. The storyline and plot of the show is as follows:
In the mythical land of Eternia, the kingdom is fighting a great evil in the form of Skeletor and his minions. Prince Adam secretly uses the powers granted him to transform himself into He-Man and his scaredy-cat Cringer into the armored Battlecat. His famous battleshout is, "By the power of Greyskull, I Have The Power!" His friends and allies include Man-At-Arms and his daughter Teela, The Sorceress, and red-cloaked magician Orko.

She-RA, Princess Of Power:
She-Ra was another favorite of mine as a kid and can still be seen on Quibo, directly after He-Man. She-Ra was He-Mans sister and the storyline is as follows:
Princess Adora was kidnapped as a child and taken to the planet Etheria, where she was brainwashed to do the bidding of the evil Horde. He-Man entered Etheria to look for his lost sister, Adora. Eventually she learns who she is, the real nature of the Horde is revealed, and Adora turns against them. She gains the Sword of Protection, which allows her to turn into She-Ra. As She-ra she demonstrates incredible strength, speed, and agility, can telepathically speak to animals, and can heal with a touch. Adora chooses to use her newfound power to free Etheria from the grip of the evil Hordak and his Horde. Her allies include Glimmer, Bow, Lightrope, Madame Razz, and Kowl. Episodes included a "Where's Loo-kee?" segment, where children were encouraged to find the creature in a scene. At the end of each episode, Lookee would show up with a positive message for kids.

The Berenstain Bears:
I was obsessed with The Berenstain Bears as a kid and had coloring books, and books galore of them. I would have them read to me every night as a child before going to sleep and my favorite one was the moving day book. The plot and storyline of the show is as follows:
Papa Q., Mama, Brother, and Sister Bear live in a tree in Beartown. Other characters include Grizzly and Gran, the kids grandparents, and Raffish Ralph and Weasel McGreed, whose evil schemes often end up interfering with everyone's plans. Based on the children's books by Stan and Jan Berenstain.

Mar. 7th, 2013

Name The Childhood Toy


In keeping in time with my latest blog, I decided to add a picture of another toy robot us '80s kids had. This was another toy I loved. See if you can name it!

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